Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah Airport witnesses the conduct of the first international flights to Cairo


Today, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport in Jazan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed the conduct of the first international flights to Cairo International Airport, with the decision to lift the suspension of travel abroad through various international airports in the Kingdom in effect, according to a press release of the Saudi embassy.

Mubarak bin Muhammad al-Shahrani, the director of King Abdullah Airport in Jizan, confirmed the departure of more than 92 passengers on board the plane, including 23 citizens who meet the conditions of travel for citizens, represented by the traveler being immunized with two doses, or immunized with one dose, and has spent 14 days after receiving the dose. Or recovered from less than 6 months ago, according to what appears in the “Tawakalna” application, and the citizen who has not reached the age of 18 years has obtained health insurance against Corona risks only and a “PCR” examination for a period of 72 hours from the date of the sample examination.

This coincides with the resumption of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the national carrier of the Kingdom, today, to operate its international flights through 43 international stations in 30 destinations around the world, after the Ministry of Interior’s decision to lift the suspension of citizens’ travel outside the Kingdom took effect, according to the Saudi embassy statement.

And it confirmed that it will conduct 153 scheduled flights every week from Riyadh, and 178 flights from Jeddah, and the first international flights departing from the Kingdom will be resumed from Riyadh to Hyderabad, and from Jeddah to Dhaka, and the first international flights coming to Saudi Arabia will be the Cairo trip to Riyadh and Jakarta trip to Jeddah.

Saudi Airlines confirmed its readiness to operate and operate its flights to 71 stations out of 95 stations, of which 28 are domestic and 43 international destinations, and that flights to and from Jeddah will be operated from Terminal 1 at King Abdulaziz Airport.

The Director General of the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Eng. Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar, made a field tour, during which he inspected the progress of operational operations, and he bade farewell to the guests traveling on board the first flights departing outside the Kingdom.

He explained that during the last period since the beginning of the pandemic, Saudi Airlines had conducted more than 100,000 flights, through which it transported more than 10 million guests, which is evidence of its readiness and non-stop flights and the operation of its aircraft.

With regard to the readiness of the Saudi national carrier to ensure the safety of travelers, he stressed that the airlines apply more than 50 preventive measures in all stages of the guest experience, and the result was that it obtained the diamond classification from the “APEX” organization among the 10 most health-safe airlines, and that no case or infection was recorded for a long time. the last period.

The airline continues to apply the highest precautionary measures and preventive measures, as the airline’s cabin crew has been vaccinated 100%, and its aircraft are subjected to periodic sterilization, which is performed automatically using a UVC device for ultraviolet sterilization, which was originally designed to sterilize operating rooms in hospitals, in addition to Manual sterilization.

She called on her guests to take care to protect themselves and others by adhering to all precautionary and preventive measures issued by the Ministry of Health and other competent authorities with the aim of combating the Coronavirus (Covid-19), especially with regard to wearing a mask, social distancing, and following the necessary health instructions, including guests who received a vaccine. Coronavirus (Covid-19).

She cautioned to abide by the requirements imposed by countries at the arrival station, which can be viewed on the travel requirements page, stressing that no empty seats will be left among the guests on international flights, as IATA has not approved this idea because it will not contribute to an increase Safety, it will cause ticket prices to rise.


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