Saudi Arabia documents the Black Stone with Focus Stack Panorama (photos)


Saudi Arabia documents the Black Stone with technology



The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque announced today, Monday, that it has documented the Black Stone images with Focus Stack Panorama.

Al-Harameen Affairs explained that this technique consists of collecting images with different clarity, in order to produce one image with the greatest accuracy, indicating that the photography took 7 hours, while the number of pictures reached 1050 Fox Stack Panorama, the image resolution is 49 thousand megapixels, and the processing time is more than 50 hours Action.

It is worth noting that the Black Stone is the starting and ending point of the Tawaf, and it is located in the southeast corner of the Kaaba from the outside. It is oval in shape, reddish-black in color and is 30 cm in diameter.

Source: RT


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