Saudi Arabia boosts domestic aviation services with an air transport ranking index


Saudi Arabia boosts domestic aviation services with an air transport ranking index

Complaints raised, travelers’ perceptions and processing time are key evaluation criteria

Sunday – 27 Ramadan 1442 AH – May 09, 2021 AD Issue No. [

Airports and airlines enter a new phase in competition to win passenger satisfaction in Saudi Arabia (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Riyadh: «Asharq Al-Awsat»

Saudi Arabia stressed the need to raise the level of service performance in the air transport sector in line with the country’s orientations aimed at shifting to ease of transportation through vital airports and digitized services, as the General Authority of Civil Aviation announced yesterday an index to classify air transport service providers and airports to raise the level of business and ease the flow of passengers Across the airports.
The authority stated that one of the most important elements of the evaluation is to benefit from the number of complaints lodged, the opinions of travelers, and the duration of addressing problems and challenges facing the flow of travelers and the services provided.
These developments are in line with the Saudi government’s announcement to allow Saudi citizens to travel outside the Kingdom and return to it, starting from 1 am on Monday on May 17th, when the Civil Aviation Authority, on its part, confirmed all public and private airlines operating in the country’s airports regarding procedures. Citizens traveling abroad.
According to a circular directed to all airports and companies, airlines are allowed to transport immunized citizens who received two full doses of (Covid-19) vaccine, and who received one dose, provided that (14) days have passed since they were vaccinated with the first dose, according to what appears in the approved application of Tawakolna Officially enter airports and boarding aircraft.
At the time, the authority stressed the need to ensure the requirements for entering the country of destination, by bearing the responsibility of the air carrier to educate travelers about the instructions and requirements of those countries so that they can travel in a safe and healthy way, taking into account the procedures and requirements imposed by other countries, in order to avoid any problems or difficulties that may face them, and to ensure their safety. .
Returning to the classification index, the authority revealed monitoring the index that the total complaints that travelers raised to the authority during last March against airlines amounted to 47 complaints per 100,000 passengers, as “Saudi Airlines” came as the least complaint by airlines, with three complaints per 100,000. Traveler, while the rate of timely handling of the complaint reached 79%.
“Flynas” was resolved second, with 10 complaints last March, with a complaint handling rate that reached 91 per cent, and thirdly, “flyadeal” as the number of complaints reached 34, with a complaint handling rate of 75 per cent.
According to the index, the most common complaints rankings for the same month came about additional fees on tickets first, then canceling flights, then delaying flights.
The index revealed that King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Airport in Jazan came as the lowest airport for every 100,000 passengers in the index during the month of March, with one complaint and a rate of handling the complaint on time, and it reached 100 per cent, while the second, King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, was solved by one complaint for each 100,000 passengers came to the airport and it was closed by 79 per cent.
The following airports, respectively, were the ones with the lowest complaints per 100,000 passengers: Taif International Airport, King Fahd International Airport, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Abha International Airport, Al-Jawf International Airport, Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz International Airport, and Prince Airport Sultan bin Abdulaziz International, Bisha Airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Hail International Airport, Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Tarif Airport, Al-Ahsa International Airport.
It is known that last December, the Saudi Cabinet approved the adoption of the civil aviation sector strategy, as the Minister of Transport, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Civil Aviation, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, confirmed that the approval of the Council of Ministers comes to contribute to creating a diversified and prosperous economy and supporting social and economic development. In the kingdom.
Al-Jasser explained that the strategy of the civil aviation sector will contribute to supporting the air transport industry locally, regionally and internationally, and occupy an important position in the field of freight and air services, as well as support economic resources and diversify sources of income, as a major catalyst to support economies, provide job opportunities and advance economic growth in the world. .


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