Saudi Arabia and Iran talks … will they succeed or fail?


For the first time, Saudi Arabia has spoken publicly about conducting a dialogue with Iran since the severance of relations in the year 2006.

A Saudi Foreign Ministry official confirmed that talks are taking place between the Kingdom and Iran, stressing that the aim is to explore ways to reduce tension in the region, and that Riyadh wants to see verifiable actions … The French Press Agency quoted an informed Saudi source as saying that the talks will help the Kingdom In sending a message to the American administration that Riyadh is rational and open to dialogue. The French Agency also quoted a Western official as saying that Saudi Arabia hopes to obtain a seat in a room adjacent to the room in which negotiations are taking place between Tehran and the major powers regarding the nuclear agreement.
Iraqi President Barham Salih previously announced that Baghdad had hosted more than one round of dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Iran … while the Qatari Foreign Minister welcomed efforts for rapprochement and de-escalation of tension.

What are the chances of normalizing relations between the two sides, and what is the seriousness of the two sides in ending the differences?


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