“Saudi Airlines” clarifies the mechanism of travel for those infected with Corona and the recipient of the vaccine


It stipulated that 6 months have passed from the time of the injury.

The Saudi Airlines company explained the travel mechanism for those infected with the Coronavirus and those who received the anti-virus vaccine, after inquiring one of the beneficiaries, saying: “Are citizens who received one dose of the Corona vaccine allowed to travel?”

The official account of Saudi Airlines responded via Twitter: “Citizens who received two doses of the (Covid 19) vaccine or one dose are allowed to travel, provided that 14 days have passed or have recovered from the Corona virus and have spent less than (6) months of their infection, according to What appears in the application Tawakalna ».

He continued: “It is not required to take the vaccine in domestic travel,” adding: “According to the instructions of the concerned authorities, the traveler’s condition in our trust must be (immunized / whose infection has not been proven).”

He added: “Lifting the suspension of all international flights as of (from one o’clock in the morning on Monday, May 17, 2021 AD) (and does not apply to countries where the relevant official committee decides to suspend travel to or from it due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus).”

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