Saudi Aircraft relies on repairing helicopters


The Saudi Helicopter Support Company (SRSC), a joint venture of Boeing and other local entities, has obtained a certificate from the General Authority for Civil Aviation that allows the company to perform maintenance operations for helicopters and their accessories, and Michael Knight, CEO of the company, said: The new license in Saudi Arabia is a milestone For the company, this certification by the authority is an important achievement that will open many commercial opportunities in the field of maintenance and repair of helicopters not only in the Kingdom, but also in the Arab Gulf region. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration, GACA’s Part-145 certification allows the company to perform maintenance operations on Leonardo, formerly known as AgustaWestland, and the helicopter’s airframes, devices, and communications equipment. Al-Amouda: The Kingdom is a major market for Boeing, and as a company we take the necessary steps to enhance our growth and facilitate the decision-making process for our customers. We help Saudis and regional states, strengthen partnerships and accelerate our efforts to support Saudi Vision 2030 by recruiting local talent and achieving economic growth.


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