Sandy reveals what’s new: This is my secret to cinema


Intervals Sandy In statements to “Sky News Arabia”, she is preparing to release her new song with Wolf on Eid al-Fitr, adding: “This year I have many challenges with myself, and surprises will appear in the coming days.”

She talked about her last song, “Ezik Al Naharda”, stressing that the scenes of work on it were characterized by speed.

She said, “I had many ideas, and I preferred to start collaborating with the composer Aziz Al-Shafei, and as soon as I heard the first song chosen, I was very excited, and it did not take time to prepare.”

Sandy also discussed the secret of her departure from cinema since her last work, “Jimmy Plan” in 2014, saying: “In fact, I did not stay away from cinema, but I refused many works during the Corona period. I was anxious, and I also did not like the works that were shown to me.” Although some of them would have been added to me, but I felt that I would be in the face of the cannon and I do not prefer this, because if the film did not succeed, I would bear the loss. “

And she continued, “After Jimmy’s plan, the audience considered it my film, and I am the one who can bear its success or failure, and I do not want that. I want to present a successful work even if I was a simple participant in it and I am not a heroine, the important thing is to be successful with a full team.”

Sandy dreams of participating with Ahmed Helmy, Mohamed Heneidy and Mohamed Ramadan in cinematic works. She also said that she wishes to produce a “duet” with Asir Yassin, adding: “I liked his voice in a millionaire’s song in the series 100 Wush.”

She expressed her admiration for the representation of Nelly Karim and Menna Shalaby among the artists, and among the artists she preferred Tamer Hosni and Muhammad Ramadan, and from the old generation she said that her idol, Suad Hosni, who “resembles me in many things. She is distinguished by lightness of blood, sweet spirit and distinctive smile, and I wish I could achieve a quarter of her history.” .


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