Sandy reveals her new singing – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Singer Sandy revealed her willingness to present a new “duet” with Canadian-Lebanese singer Carl Wolf, according to Sky News, while she spoke about the reason she has been absent from cinema since her last work in 2014, and her upcoming artistic projects, which she described as “surprising.” .

Sandy said that she is preparing to release her new song with Wolf on Eid al-Fitr, adding: “This year I have many challenges with myself, and acts as a surprise will appear in the coming days.”

She talked about her last song, “Ezek Al Naharda”, stressing that the scenes of work on it were characterized by speed.

She said, “I had many ideas, and I preferred to start collaborating with composer Aziz Al-Shafei, and as soon as I heard the first song chosen, I was very excited, and it did not take any time to prepare.” Sandy also touched on the secret of her departure from cinema since her last work, “Jimmy Plan,” in 2014, saying: “In fact, I have not moved away from cinema, but I refused many works during the Corona period. I was worried, and I was also not the best work that was offered to me, although some of it would have been added to me, but I felt that I would be in the face of the gun and I would not prefer this, because if the film did not succeed, I would bear the loss.



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