San Marino is preparing to open its doors to tourists who want to be vaccinated with the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine


San Marino prepares to open its doors to tourists seeking vaccination


The Institute for Social Protection in San Marino stated that the authorities are ready to provide an opportunity to vaccinate foreign tourists with the Russian vaccine against Corona “Sputnik V”, on the condition of making two trips to the republic.

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“We have not recorded new cases of Covid-19 since May 8, and before that there were one or two cases per day,” RIA Novosti news agency quoted Franco Cavalli, a spokesman for the Institute for Social Protection, which is the agency responsible for the vaccination campaign in the country against Corona, as saying. Now there are no new infections in two or three days. Previously there were days like this as well, and more than once. ”

Cavalli indicated that there are 24 infections among San Marino residents at present, and 56 others are in home isolation, while the San Marino authorities announced in early May, the closure of a special section for the Corona virus in a local hospital due to the shortage of patients.

Speaking about the contribution of the Russian vaccine to reducing infection, a spokesman for the Institute for Social Protection indicated that Sputnik is used in 90 percent of vaccination cases.

According to the latest institute’s figures, more than 70 percent of San Marino residents have received at least one dose of the Russian vaccine.

Cavalli pointed out that there is some “surplus” of Sputnik’s doses in the country, which allows local authorities to start organizing vaccinations for foreigners, adding: “San Marino has bought more doses than is necessary for the population, and the government has decided that those who want to get the vaccine can come. The vaccine will cost 50 euros, so you will need to come to San Marino twice with a break of 21 days and spend three days here. ”

On Monday, the Russian Direct Investment Fund announced that the use of “Sputnik V” allowed San Marino to become the first country in Europe to defeat the Corona virus, indicating that Russia is ready to provide San Marino with additional batches of the vaccine to organize vaccination tourism.

Source: Novosti


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