Samsung showcases a new foldable screen technology


This year has not seen a shortage of foldable screen demos from manufacturers, however a company Samsung is promising more with the latest new concept offerings for foldable and sliding screens.

AndRevealed Samsung – as part of its participation in the virtual Display Week 2021 – has unveiled a host of new OLED options, and this gives us a glimpse into the type of devices we can expect from the company in the future.

New options include significantly larger folding panels in addition to the Under Display Camera or UPC panel.

And it has long been rumored that Samsung wants to introduce a dual-fold Galaxy device, and the new S-Foldable OLED panel is working on this, so that this panel can be part of a foldable device internally or externally.

The device can be used like a smartphone when folded twice, and has a maximum size of 7.2 inches when opened.

Samsung’s sliding screen has been the subject of a lot of speculation as well, and the company also holds a lot of patents in the technology field.

A prototype sliding OLED screen has now been revealed, allowing the screen to be extended horizontally without the need for any folding process.

And in what may be an indication that foldable Samsung tablets are coming, the company has offered a 17-inch folding panel.

This screen provides the space needed for a tablet with an aspect ratio of 4: 3 when opened, and a tablet equipped with this display is sure to be more versatile than anything else in the market today.

The company unveiled the UPC bottom camera screen, which is a solution for notebook computers, where the front camera is installed below the screen to allow for an edge-to-edge panel.

The company has previously teased the technology on Chinese social media platforms, promising that UPC will enable thinner and lighter laptops with smaller bezels.

The camera technology is available under the screen on ZTE’s Axon 20 5G phone, and it is supposed to be launched on Xiaomi phones this year.

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