Samsung is committed to resolving problems with the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera system


The auto-adjustment problem caused the greatest concern among reviewers

Company pledged “SamsungResolving some issues in the camera system on the “Galaxy S20 Ultra”, through a new update dedicated to improving the camera experience. The first reviews led to severe criticism of the phone, due to the poor performance of the auto-adjustment feature, the strong skin smoothing feature, image processing and night mode.

So far, the company has not officially released the phone, but it has launched a new update in South Korea, which shows that there are improvements to the camera, as it addresses the auto focus problem. “The Galaxy S20 features an advanced and innovative camera system, and work is constantly underway to improve performance to provide the best consumer experience,” Samsung said in a statement. As part of this ongoing effort, we are working on a future update to improve the camera experience.

The problem of autofocus caused the biggest concern among reviewers, as they noticed that the camera failed to focus properly while taking pictures or recording videos, and that the autofocus system was not reliable.


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