Samir Ghanem: The famous Egyptian actor and his wife Dalal Abdel Aziz are in the hospital due to infection with the Corona virus


Samir Ghanem

Photo released, Getty Images

The famous Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem and his wife, actress Dalal Abdel Aziz, were hospitalized after their health deteriorated due to infection with the Coronavirus.

Local media reported that the couple were transferred to two hospitals at different times over the past few days.

Dalal and her daughter, actress Dunia, were infected with the Corona virus while participating in the filming of a series that was scheduled to be shown in the second half of Ramadan, but it was postponed.

The fame of Ghanem (84 years) was spread through the artistic works of the comedy group “Trio Lights”, before he went on a bus journey that extended to television, theater and cinema.


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