Sadat Bakr: Will his allegations weaken the grip of Erdogan and his party?


Sadat Bakr

Photo released, Youtube

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Sadat Bakr while recording his videos from his hotel room in Dubai

The videos posted by the Turkish mafia leader, Sadat Bakr, in which he alleges “the involvement of government figures close to Erdogan, in murders and drug trafficking,” has become the most watched of any popular Turkish series during the past few days.

In the eight clips, in which Bakr accuses influential figures in the Turkish government of murder, rape, arms and drug smuggling, extortion and media manipulation.

His videos disturbed the balance of power within the Turkish state by pitting rival groups against each other. Bakr also notes that the alleged illegal activities include Turkey, Syria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Colombia and Venezuela.

According to Bakr, who decided to “uncover the hidden,” the alleged activities are taking place in commercial centers, hotels, beaches, casinos and squares in Istanbul and Ankara, and include killings outside Turkey’s borders.


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