Ronaldo requires Juventus to sign Zidane in order to survive


Doubts persist about Zinedine Zidane, the Frenchman, about his future in Real MadridHe always comments in press conferences and repeats his mysterious message “I will stay” or “I will leave”, and in the royal team they do not yet know what will happen on the bench next season, as he was one of the teams that was previously associated with coaching Juventus.

The Spanish “Devensa Central” website stated that Cristiano Ronaldo The former star of the team and the current Juventus, he wants to train at the hands of Zinedine Zidane again, in the last stage of his football career.

The site indicated that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to continue in Italy, but only if Zizo is on the bench at Juventus, where he wants to meet again with the star who was his greatest star in Real Madrid.

There are doubts about the Portuguese’s future, and he told his agent, Jorge Mendes, to find a new club for him.

There was more than one option before Ronaldo in the recent period, including a return to Real Madrid, Manchester United or Sporting Lisbon as well, but the winning mentality necessitated him to continue with the Bianconeri by signing Zidane, as with the Frenchman it would be much easier.


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