Romelu Lukaku, “the monster” … the reason for the crowning of Inter’s title?


Inter Milan was crowned with a title Italian league Last Sunday, after a wait of nearly 11 years, it ended the dominance of a team Juventus Who dominated for years in Italy, and perhaps the reason for the coronation is due to one of the best players in the “Nerazzurri”, the Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku, contributed to the making of this coronation under the leadership of the Italian coach, Antonio Conte, after he was the first player to score “Double Double” in making and scoring goals in the Italian League, with a great contribution that made the difference on the field.

Striker Romelu Lukaku scored 21 goals with 10 goals for his teammates, which means that the Belgian scored 31 goals for his Inter Milan team out of 74 goals scored in the last league, meaning that Lukaku contributed 41% of the total goals, which is a very extraordinary number.

Lukaku was among the most influential players in the Italian Inter Milan team, who contributed to the successive victories of coach Conte by scoring and making decisive goals, as well as helping the group build up play and create danger for any competitor playing against him.

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After the Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku, has become one of Inter Milan’s best deals in recent years, does he play a big role in helping coach Antonio Conte compete in the 2021-2022 Champions League Championship?

Also, this impressive performance by Romelu Lukaku during the season with his team, Inter Milan, will help him to perform the best performance with his country, Belgium, in the upcoming Euro 2020 championship this summer, especially as he is the only spearhead striker available to the Spanish coach, Roberto Martinez.


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