Riyad Mahrez: He lost his father, ran away from childhood hell and became the groom of the Champions League


Manchester City beat Paris Saint-Germain (2-1 and 2-0) in the home and away semi-finals of the Champions League, and qualified, for the first time in its history, to the Grand Final.
The groom of the semi-final was undisputed, the Algerian star Riad Mehrez, who played two amazing matches against the Parisians, scoring a goal in the Princes Park, and two at the Ittihad Stadium.
Mahrez was born in the French city of Sarsselisio, known for unemployment, violence and drug trafficking. His father is Algerian, and his mother is of Moroccan origin. He loved football since he was a child, and at a young age, he played in the Junior Junior League, and the coaches always told him that he would never succeed due to his physical condition, It showed that they were wrong.
His father was a big supporter in his life, but he lost it at the age of fifteen, due to a heart attack. Mehrez says it might have been a turning point in his life. “I think I’ve gotten serious since that time, things went straight ahead, and I wanted to do more.”
Mehrez adds that at one point he got the opportunity to play for Kimber, a club that was competing at the time in the French seventh division, and says, “I remember that day, the cost of a train ticket was 160 euros, and it was a difficult day, but I promised my mother that I would succeed and I did so in the end.” .
He succeeded in Quimper, and the offers came from Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain, but he preferred Le Havre in the second French league, where he scored six goals in 60 games, then moved to Leicester City, where he played two wonderful seasons, and won two titles, one of them the English Premier League.
Riyad moved to Manchester City in 2018 for 60 million pounds, then he led his country to the African Nations Cup title, and won with Manchester City six titles, including the league title once, and he will soon be crowned for the second time.


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