Risking economic relations with Saudi Arabia, risking people’s livelihoods and farmers’ seasons


The Minister of Agriculture in the caretaker government, Abbas Mortada, during his sponsorship of the “project to distribute 400 thousand seedlings and seeds in the region of Al-Kharroub”, which was established by the Social Association in Shehim, pointed out that “the ministry’s goal in the remarkable dynamism in communicating with international organizations is to compensate On the state’s failure to support the agricultural sector, and to secure what supports farmers in terms of agricultural projects, some of which have been born and others are under implementation.

He stressed that “the deprivation suffered by the agricultural sector and farms is due to the deprivation of the Ministry of Agriculture of a budget that reflects the ambition of this sector,” explaining that “within a little over a year, the ministry was able to increase the agricultural and arable areas, to raise efficiency and specialize in production, which enhances our productivity.” In fewer spaces. “

Mortada believed that “the risk in economic relations with Saudi Arabia, which is about a quarter of exports to Arab countries, is a risk to people’s livelihood and farmers’ seasons,” noting that “this problem comes from official negligence and failure to take practical steps from those concerned.” In the control authorities at the border crossings. ” He stressed that “the time has come for everyone to know that the confidence of an entire nation is at stake, as if it is not enough for farmers to be deprived and dispersed support.”


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