Riad Mahrez: Does the Algerian star deserve the title “Pride of the Arabs”? What about Mohamed Salah?


Riyad Mahrez and Mohamed Salah

Photo released, Getty Images

Algerian star Riad Mehrez, in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League, ignited social media sites in many Arab countries.

Mahrez led his Manchester City team to victory over Paris Saint-Germain, by scoring the only two goals of the match and qualifying for the final for the first time in the club’s history.

The Algerian star scored the winning goal for his team in the first leg, becoming the first Arab player to score back and forth in the Champions League semi-finals.

Pride of the Arabs

Mahrez’s name occupied the top of the trend at the end of the match, and his name was associated with the phrase “pride of the Arabs” that was repeated by many to describe the player’s brilliance and his great contribution to his club’s reaching the final and entering history.


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