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The local health authorities said that a 23-year-old Italian woman, who was accidentally given six doses of the Pfizer vaccine for the Coronavirus in one go, was discharged from the hospital, Monday, without experiencing any obvious negative reactions.

According to the network CNBC NewsThe accident happened Sunday morning at Noa Hospital in Massa in Tuscany due to the nurse’s lack of attention.

The patient was kept under observation for about 24 hours in the hospital’s emergency room. Doctors said she was given fluids and anti-inflammatory and anti-fever medications as preventive measures.

“At this time, certainly no side effects will appear,” said Dr. Antonella Vicente, Director of Infectious Diseases at Noa Hospital.

She explained that Pfizer studies have shown that people receiving up to 5 times the normal dose experience no consequences.

She added that patients in Israel and Germany who were accidentally administered 5 times the usual dose also had no adverse reactions.

And she continued, “The patient did not suffer from fever or any pain except for pain at the place of vaccination, nor any other manifestations. She was a little afraid, so we preferred to keep her here until this morning.”

She indicated that it is not clear what, if any, the long-term effects of the overdose on the young woman’s antibody levels, and thus her immune response to the Coronavirus, are not clear.

The hospital will check her blood regularly to monitor her immune response and determine if she should get the second scheduled dose after several weeks.


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