Report: 4K streaming of the Stadia gaming service


A report has revealed only one official way to run Stadia’s cloud game streaming service Google On 4K TV – the latest generation Chromecast Urtla, connected to the company’s Stadia console via Wi-Fi. That’s because Google hasn’t yet brought Stadia to the new and improved $ 50 Chromecast, and its predecessor doesn’t support Bluetooth, which means the only way to pair the console is to loop through Google’s servers in the cloud, according to the verege.

The 9to5Google AT report mentioned the latest version of the Stadia app on Android Which should let you send console signals from your phone lets you operate Stadia using your phone’s touch screen, or even connect another gamepad to your phone and you’ll be able to use your phone to change the TV volume as well.

The original Stadia controller has been a thorn in the company’s side since Stadia launched on November 19, 2019, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Google decided to move on.

And it took several months for buyers to use Google’s wireless controller with anything except the Chromecast Urtla – desktop web browsers and Android phones weren’t supported at first, which means you had to physically connect a USB-C cable. USB-C audio took a while as well, and Bluetooth audio via console still has yet to materialize.

Third-party console support was also pretty solid on those other platforms, allowing you to easily sync your PlayStation or Xbox gamepad to play, and it’s unlikely that you will even need this new bridge mode to play Stadia on Chromecast 2020 when the new Chromecast arrives. Supports bluetooth game controllers. Based on a few Steam Link and GeForce Now sessions with my 8BitDo gamepad, support for Bluetooth gamepad might work fine.


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