Real Madrid News: Ramos faces a big dilemma at Real Madrid


Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid – La Liga

Sport 360 – Featured star Sergio Ramos, club captain Real Madrid The Spaniard, for a new muscle injury that may prevent him from participating with the team again until the end of the season.

Although his coach Zinedine Zidane has not ruled out the possibility of Ramos returning to play before the end of the season, which has only 3 matches left, his participation may carry a great risk for the player.

The risk with Real Madrid could cost Ramos playing in the European Nations Cup

Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30, while no agreement has yet been reached with Merengue officials to renew his contract, at a time when the start date approaches. European Nations Cup. And Ramos’ participation, even for a few minutes with Real Madrid, would be a risk that could end with his absence from playing with Spain national team In the European Nations Cup.

The negotiations between Real Madrid and Ramos currently remain without any results since the captain’s meeting with club president Florentino Perez on December 30, while the two will have to meet again soon, either to settle the renewal or to end the negotiations and arrange a farewell worthy of the Andalusian player who achieved great successes with the team during His career.

In both cases, the meeting will take place after the end of the season in light of the unwillingness of the player and the president to distract attention at the crucial time of the season with Real Madrid’s competition for the Spanish League title.

The dilemma for Ramos remains the choice between risking the participation with Real Madrid before the end of the season so that the Chelsea match, which Real Madrid lost with two clean goals and subsequently deposited the Champions League, is the last for him in the Merengue shirt, or caution not to lose participation in the European Nations Cup. With Spain that may be his key to securing the last big decade of his career.

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