Rania Youssef, a parachute passenger, broke her fear in the latest video appearance


She appeared while enjoying parachute jumping with a trainer while she was in Lebanon filming the series “Kings of Al-Jadana”.

She wrote on her Instagram account, saying: “With love for every different and crazy thing today, I felt that I was a real flight in the air, a feeling of what was described. I was very happy with this experience and broke my fear. You also told me that you broke the fear in your mind about what?”

It is noteworthy that “Kings of Jadana” starring Mustafa Shaaban, Amr Saad, Rania Youssef, Yasmine Rais, Amr Abdel Jalil, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Walid Fawaz and Ahmed Safwat, Muhammad Al-Taji, Ayman Al-Shewi, Alaa Quqa, Farah Youssef, Maryam Amin, Abdulrahman Al-Qalioubi, Laila Hussein And Alawi Al-Husseini, written by Abeer Suleiman and Amin Jamal and directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

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