Ramy Sabry celebrates his song “Give the World” over 50 million views on YouTube


Posted on: Friday, May 28, 2021 – 11:59 PM | Last update: Friday, May 28, 2021 – 11:59 PM

Singer Ramy Sabry celebrated his song “Ahd Al-Dunya” skipping 50 million views on YouTube.

And he posted on his official account on the social networking site “Facebook” a picture of him accompanied by the number that the song achieved, and commented: “The song “Dedicate the World” exceeds 50 million views on YouTube, thank you to all my fans in the world.”

It is reported that the song “Ahd Al-Dunya”, produced in 2018, was filmed in a video clip in Lebanon, directed by Fadi Haddad, and it is written and composed by Aziz Al-Shafei and distributed by Jalal Al-Hamdawi.

Recently, the singer Rami Sabry announced the release of a new song in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, called “Less al-Qada’a Kamla”, written by Tamer Hussein, composed and sung by Ramy Sabry, and music by Jalal Hamdawi.


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