Rabio: What Ronaldo does with Juventus is impressive … and there is no secret for his brilliance


Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot, France international, paid tribute to his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo, Stressing that there is no secret behind the Portuguese shining with the old lady.

Cristiano, despite reaching the age of 36, still appears well with Juventus, and this season in the Italian League competition, he has played 30 games and scored 27 goals.

“Cristiano is a very disciplined person since I worked with him, and he showed great rigor in his daily work,” Rabiot said in statements reported by the Spanish newspaper “Sport”.

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He added: “There is no secret to his brilliance, and this cannot be acquired. It is about his state of mind and his management.

And he continued: “When I arrived in Italy, things were a bit fine for me. It is true that things change when you go to a foreign country, but they mature with the passage of days.”

He concluded his remarks, saying: “Here in Juventus We always meet one hour before the start of the training session, and we are in the gym, doing preventive work, according to the needs of each player, and this is very important in the club. ”


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