Qualifying for the champions or disintegrating … Critical Day scenario in England


And with a discount Manchester City For the title, 3 clubs, namely Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester City, are competing for the third and fourth places, qualified for the Champions League.

Until the last round, Chelsea are third with 67 points, and are behind it Leferball Fourth with 66 points, goal difference only fifth Leicester City.

The importance of the Champions League

Qualifying for the Champions League is the ultimate goal for these clubs on Sunday, as failure to qualify could mean a complete “collapse” in terms of elements and financially.

Failure to qualify may mean the departure of a number of stars aspiring to play in the most powerful European tournament, and it will also represent a strong financial blow to clubs, which will be deprived of the huge proceeds of participation.

Qualifying Scenario

In the final round, Chelsea will host Aston Villa, while Liverpool will host the Crystal Palace, and Leicester City will host Tottenham Hotspur.

Chelsea will qualify for the champions if they win over Aston Villa, or stumble, and wait for someone from Liverpool or Leicester City to falter.

As for Liverpool, they must defeat Crystal Palace, as the goal difference (4 goals) for Leicester City will logically mean that the victory is sufficient to qualify, regardless of Leicester City’s result.

In the event of a tie, Liverpool will need to defeat Chelsea, draw or defeat Leicester City, but if Liverpool loses, they will wait for a similar loss for Leicester City, in order to qualify in fourth.

As for Leicester City, they must beat Tottenham, and wait for Chelsea or Liverpool to falter to qualify for the Champions League.

It is noteworthy that all the matches of the last round will be played simultaneously, which is 3:00 pm GMT on Sunday.


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