Qasim Musleh Al-Khafaji: Who is he and why was he arrested?


Qasim Al-Khafaji

Photo released, TV GRAB

An Iraqi security source said that on Wednesday morning, a security force had arrested Qassem Musleh al-Khafaji, commander of western Anbar operations in the Popular Mobilization Forces, in an airdrop operation in the Dora area, southwest of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Who is Qasim Musleh Al-Khafaji?

Reports indicate that Qasim Karim Mahmoud Musleh al-Khafaji is the commander of Anbar operations in the Popular Mobilization Forces, which includes many of the factions supported by Iran.

He is a former commander of the “Ali Al-Akbar” brigade, affiliated with the crowd of shrines that is directly run by the Shiite authority. Before that, he was the commander of the “preserving order” forces of the Husseiniya shrine in Karbala. He is from Karbala, and his family lived in the province for decades.


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