Qais Sheikh Najib: My character is in a “counterattack” against my convictions


Cairo: Hossam Abbas

A state of euphoria and optimism experienced by the Syrian star Qais Sheikh Naguib, after the success of his Egyptian series in Ramadan “Counter Attack” with Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry, during which he played the character “Ricardo”. He is happy with the positive reactions that he touched from the public and critics, despite the fact that the role is hostile to Egypt and Arabs during the events, but he wagered, as he says, on the work message and the value of the experience with important stars he wished to work with.

About working with the “counterattack” team, behind the scenes of photography, its presence in Egypt and its future plans, Qais Sheikh Naguib speaks in this dialogue with him.

What were the factors that convinced you to accept your role in a “counterattack”?

– Because first of all, it is a different and new work for me, and I play in it a character that has all the elements of attraction, and has several levels of formal and internal expression. The character is rich in both internal and external performances, and as far as I am concerned about it is new that I present to the Arab public, and I hope that the Egyptian public does not specifically hate me for this character. Overall it was an opportunity to get to know me more as an actor.

Have you thought about whether the character is evil or good at work?

Of course, I did not think and did not care, all I thought about was its dramatic effect, the extent to which it added to me, and that there were different things in it from what I presented.

Such works are a great adventure, because they are always compared to the series “Raafat El Hagan” and “Tears in the Eyes of Brazen”. What was your wager in a “counterattack”?

Intelligence actions are always attractive and contain a dose of true patriotism, and at the same time they are part of the evil of others. And “counterattack” monitors a specific period different from “Raafat Al-Hagan” and “Tears in Brazen Eyes”, and the methods differed, and there has been a great development in these matters, as well as the difference in the time of the series, because it talks about the achievements of the Egyptian intelligence in its struggle with hostile agencies. Between 2007 and 2011, with Hidden Hands working to destabilize Egypt.

Working with big stars like Hend Sabry, Ahmed Ezz, Hisham Selim and others, how would you rate it? How much do you benefit from it?

– A very useful work, and I was very happy with the scenes of photography, and I have been hoping for a long time to work with the great star Hisham Selim, and I cooperate with him in the series, I am happy, as is the star Ahmed Ezz, who is very cooperative and deals in a wonderful way, and the artist Hind Sabri is a star that does not need To rate, she is a great, high-profile actress, and standing before her is a pleasure.

You filmed the series over a period of about two years. Does the length of the filming affect your character?

– The role of the character is schools, and as the Egyptians say, “Every sheikh has a way”, and the length of time of course affects, in one way or another, the actor, especially since with the beginning of filming, the actor built a relationship with the character he plays. And I filmed my role within 3 months. It started in Serbia, then ended in Cairo.

Did you encounter difficulties performing certain scenes?

– The most difficult scenes in the work were when “Ricardo” was torturing the character of “Ammar al-Maqdisi,” because the character’s approach was the opposite of all my convictions, and it was all a role that was very difficult, especially as he believed in the convictions of the anti-Egyptians.

Talk to us about working with director Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb.

– I thank him, and happy to deal with him, and he was the one who nominated me for the role, and he believed in our ability to present a good work and was giving a space of freedom for the actor to suggest amendments so that the character appears perfect.

A Syrian actor in a work about the Egyptian intelligence heroics, how did you see that?

A- Of course, the Arab concern is one, in addition to the fact that director Ahmed Alaa nominated me for the character of “Ricardo”, and he is formally from the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and close to the Arabs, and I accepted the participation with love and respect, and I was very happy with it.

Where are you from the Syrian drama this year?

– I did not have Syrian business due to the circumstances of “Corona”, and he did not offer me what I felt would add to me, so I settled for the series “Counter Attack”.

You announced that you will settle in Cairo .. Tell us about this decision and are there future Egyptian actions?

– Egypt has great warmth, and it is a great country and “the mother of the world”. I have many friends in it. Indeed, I decided to settle in it, and that I will take many different steps in it during the coming period.

Will we see you soon in a work written by your wife, the writer Lubna Mashleh, or is there a decision about working together?

A: Of course, I hope to participate in a work written by Lubna Mashleh, because she is a sensitive writer, and it is my good fortune that I worked on the series “Children of Adam”, the script of which I developed.


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