Pulmonary failure and inflammation .. The son of Nadia al-Iraqiya reveals the developments of her health condition


Adham Mahrous, the son of the Iraqi artist residing in Egypt, Faten Fathy (Nadia Al-Iraqia) revealed the truth about her health after entering the intensive care room, through his own account on “Facebook”, where he wrote: “Forcing me, I don’t know, I respond to all people. God, my parents and my sisters have improved very much and their condition has stabilized. Unfortunately, my mother is in intensive care. “

He added, “Her condition is very critical (failure of lung function, bacterial infection, and a decrease in the level of oxygen to 50-60%). It needs your prayers. Praise be to God for everything. I have a great belief in our Lord. Do not despair of God’s mercy.”

It is noteworthy that Mai, the daughter of the Iraqi actress Nadia, had announced the transfer of her mother to the intensive care room, where she wrote on her account on the same site: “I am Mai. Mama is in critical care and her condition is very critical and difficult for two days. I must write this post, then you can be called and he can do something. Oh God, I do not ask you to respond to the judiciary, but I ask you for kindness about it. ” And she continued: “Oh Lord, by the difficult days that I healed in her life, she heals her and makes peace. O Lord, my mother will be six generous, benevolent and kind. O Lord, heal her and reassure our hearts, and my father’s heart is on her, O Lord.”It is noteworthy that Nadia’s Iraqi work was the series “Two in the Fund”, in which she participated alongside the artists: Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Aws Aws, Bayoumi Fouad, Salah Abdullah, Intisar, Rehab Al-Jamal, Heidi Rifat, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud and others. It was written by Luay Al-Sayed and directed by Muhammad Mustafa.


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