Prince Harry and Meghan call for donations to provide Corona vaccines for those who are unable – Covid-19


British Prince Harry and his wife Megan celebrated the second birthday of their son Archie today, Thursday, by calling for donations to help provide COVID-19 vaccines to those who are unable worldwide..

The couple, who now reside in California after leaving Britain and relinquishing their royal duties last year, said they found “no better than that to honor our son on his birthday.”.

Harry and Meghan wrote on their website, “Over the past two years we have been very affected by the warmth of feelings and support for our family to celebrate Archie’s birthday,” and they said that 80 percent of the nearly one billion doses of vaccines used so far have been distributed in rich countries..

The British royal family usually celebrates the birthday of one of its members by posting new photos, and last year the family released a video of Meghan telling a story of Archie, seventh in line to the throne of Britain..

But Harry and Meghan have abandoned this ritual and many other royal customs since they sought a more financially independent life in the United States..

A message posted on Queen Elizabeth’s Twitter account said, “We wish Archie Mountainbatten-Windsor a happy celebration of his second birthday today.”.

Archie became a focal point in the deteriorating relationship between Harry and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth (95 years), and the rest of the family after he and his wife abandoned their royal duties..

During an interview with the famous American broadcaster Oprah Winfrey in March, Megan said that a family member had questioned how darkened Archie’s complexion was before he was born..

In another context, Megan, who is pregnant with her second child, said on Tuesday that Archie and Harry were the inspiration for a new children’s book she wrote that will be published next month..

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born at Portland Hospital in London in May 2019 and now lives with his parents in Los Angeles..



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