Practical features and security updates in the new Chrome browser


Google announced the launch of a new update for the Chrome browser, which brought with it many new features for users.According to Google, Chrome 91 is now available to users of Windows, Linux or Mac computers, as of May 25, and it is assumed that automatic update messages will reach users in countries around the world gradually.

In the event that the user wants to obtain a copy of Chrome 91 manually, he will have to open the old version of Chrome on his device, and then go to the settings menu in the browser “Menu”, then press the Help button and then the About Google Chrome option, and from there he will be able to discover the version The new one to install it in his device.

The new version of Chrome carried many security patches in which Google addressed software flaws that were a threat to Internet users’ data, and the version also came with the Startup Boost feature that facilitates the process of running some pages or programs in the background of the main screen to run the computer, and this version also provided the Startup feature Boost, which helps to rationalize data consumption, reduce battery consumption, and relieve pressure on computers’ memories by placing some unused internet pages in an inactive mode when they are not needed.


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