Popular hairstyle in Spring / Summer 2021


 Bubble ponytail hairstyle

Every now and then, hairstyles that are an aesthetic trend pop up on social media. From here, the trend of the Bubble Ponytail hairstyle has recently spread, which has met with wide demand on social media this spring, especially as it is easy to implement and fits all types of hair, as it can be adopted on various occasions. In this context, and if you want to adopt an elegant and fast hairstyle, and regardless of whether your hair is long or medium length, curly or straight, you can adopt the hairstyle of a bubble ponytail. Applying it only requires a few minutes, as it is a perfect hairstyle for this season, especially as it adds vitality to your everyday look. From here, we will give you some tips to help you get the most beautiful bubble ponytail, so you can be in the latest fashion as well.

How to make a bubble ponytail

  • Tie your hair at the top of the head in a classic ponytail.
  • Place small rubber bands along the length of the bubblegum ponytail, spaced apart.
  • Gently pull the hair from under the ties to create the bubble shape.
  • Use a spray to set hair, especially to get rid of frizzy front lines.

Bubble ponytail hairstyle models

  1. The high bubble ponytail hairstyle: If you have very long hair, it is nicer to wear a high bubble ponytail.
  2. Medium bubble ponytail hairstyle: If you have medium length hair, it is better to go for a medium height hairstyle.
  3. Low Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle: It is one of the modern hair models, which is practical and gives you a very soft and attractive look at the same time.

 Bubble ponytail hairstyleDanielle Bernstein

 Bubble ponytail hairstylepriyanka chopra

From the goldplaited page on Pinterest Bubble ponytail hairstyle hairstyle hairstyle From the @ dayanaandrea22 Instagram page

Tips for the perfect bubble ponytail

In case you like classic hairstyles, you can use black rubber bands along the bubble ponytail, and you can also wrap your hair around the elastic band to hide it. But if you are looking for a more daring style, you can use colorful ties that match the color of the clothes you are wearing. For a modern hairstyle that is far from bored, you can also use a wide tie at the first knot, or you can even use wide ties along the bubble ponytail. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, you can split the hair in half and thus create two strands of a low-key bubble ponytail.

Additionally, you can add hair accessories to your bubblegum ponytail, no matter if it is high, low, or high. All you have to do is place a large hair clip with sparkly beads, or pearls, on the first knot. You can also put a velvet bow tie with it and make the first knot out of a ponytail, or choose a colored beanie and tie it with a knot. For variation, you can apply the low ponytail to one side, this model makes your look a lot more attractive. If the ponytail is on the side, you can add bangs from the front.

 Bubble ponytail hairstyleFrom @untamedpetals Instagram Bubble ponytail hairstyleFrom AllThingsHair’s Pinterest page Bubble ponytail hairstyleFrom the madisontlloyd page on Pinterest

 Bubble ponytail hairstyle hairstyle hairstyle From ideal.grace @ Instagram page


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