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The smugglers did not call a deception until they used it to cross their toxins into Saudi Arabia, treading it between shipments of fruits and vegetables, in the guts of sheep and tires, and between the folds of books and the depths of the recesses .. On the other hand, watchful eyes face this deception by detecting, seizing, arresting smugglers and bringing them to justice in order to ensure the safety of minds, bodies and the future of young people. All these attempts at the borders of the homeland thanks to the vigilance of the anti-drug and customs officers who have achieved amazing successes in confronting this war, which took immoral paths and did not leave food, plants or commodities except for use in smuggling attempts, but the eyes that do not fall asleep stand in the way of all these attempts.The Minister of the Interior: dealing with more than 90 million narcotic tablets

The Minister of Interior, Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, praised the efforts of the heroes of the Interior in seizing more than 90 million pills of drugs and combating this dangerous scourge to protect society and protect our youth. He added, “In just 3 months, the competent authorities were able to control and thwart the smuggling of more than 90 million amphetamine pills, 7.9 tons of hashish and 5.5 kilograms of cocaine,” he added. Coordination is continuous, and external cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries has resulted in proactive operations that thwart the smuggling of toxins, and societal awareness of the danger of this scourge has contributed to resilience in the face of its threat and its tragedies, and it has formed an impregnable bulwark against those who target our security and stability, and integrate efforts with community members to continue our successes to fight drugs.

Saudi international coordination to expose the schemes

The Saudi international cooperation succeeded in thwarting the smugglers ‘plans, and the efforts of the concerned authorities in combating drugs through cooperation with some countries resulted in the failure of the smugglers’ plans and smuggling operations. Security coordination with the Malaysian authorities thwarted the largest quantity of drugs seized in Malaysia’s history, as it reached 94.8 million A Captagon pill contains RM5.2 billion amphetamine from containers at Port Klang on March 15th. The Malaysian authorities praised the international cooperation with the Saudi authorities for contributing to thwarting this process and following up on the activities of criminal networks that undermine the production and smuggling of narcotic substances across international borders. In Jumada al-Awwal the past, the Kuwaiti Interior announced “that thanks to the joint cooperation and coordination between the General Administration for Drug Control, in Kuwait. And Saudi Arabia, the security services were able to prevent an attempt to smuggle about two million pills of psychotropic substances (type Captagon) in addition to 9 firearms, ammunition and bottles of wine, hidden in an innovative way inside a truck trailer.

And in the second week of Ramadan this year, Greek devices seized 4 tons of hashish concealed in a shipment of machines for making sweets bound from Lebanon to Slovakia, after receiving assistance from Saudi agencies, and the market value of the seized drug shipment is estimated at 33 million euros. Saudi Arabia (Friday) thwarted more smuggling. Of the two million narcotic tablets hidden in Lebanese fruit shipments, according to the confirmation of the spokesperson of the General Directorate for Narcotics Control, Captain Mohamed Al-Najidi; Which revealed pre-emptive operations of the activities of criminal networks that abuse the smuggling of narcotic substances, which resulted in thwarting an attempt to smuggle 2,466,563 amphetamine narcotic tablets, which were followed up and seized, in coordination with the General Authority of Customs, at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, and the narcotic tablets were hidden inside a shipment. Pomegranate fruit comes from Lebanon.

57 million narcotic pills seized coming from Lebanon

The Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Lebanon Walid Bukhari announced that from the beginning of 2020 until April 2021, what was seized amounted to 57 million and 184 thousand and 900. The list of drug seizures coming from Lebanon to the Islamic port of Jeddah from the beginning of 2020 to April 2021 in grape shipments reached 40,986,500 narcotic pills, in pomegranate shipments 7,849,963 narcotic pills, in apples shipments 4,335,000 narcotic pills, and 6,480 potatoes. 000 narcotic pills.

Hit drug dumps on its territory

The security expert, retired Major General Masoud Al-Adwani, confirmed that the Saudi Ministry of Interior has made great efforts to confront the smugglers firmly, as the danger of drugs does not stop at the individual but surpasses him towards society and the homeland, so the work of the Ministry of Interior in the field of drug control is based on a firm and solid strategy with unlimited attention from the leadership The one that paid all attention to the security sector and made sure to train its employees, refine their skills, develop their perceptions, and provide all the needs that enable them to perform their tasks in preserving the security of the homeland. Al-Adwani added that the efforts made by the Kingdom in the field of combating drugs at the security, preventive and medical levels, in addition to the pre-emptive operations, made it achieve great leaps, which made it one of the most important countries in this field, as it sought to combat it not only inside the Kingdom but also in the country of origin and before exporting it to the Kingdom. Preemptive operations thwarted smuggling attempts.


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