Pirlo comments on Ronaldo’s reaction after his substitution


Pirlo comments on Ronaldo's reaction after his substitution


Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo confirmed that the victory was necessary over Inter Milan, in order to maintain the hope of qualifying for the Champions League, and that his star Cristiano Ronaldo was happy in the dressing room.

Pirlo said, in comments after the victory over Inter Milan (3-2): “An honorary pass for Inter? The club praised Inter and congratulated them, and I think this is enough. Over the past 9 years no club has made an honorary pass for us.”

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He added, “Winning was a duty for us, and we did that. We often lacked the desire that we had in previous years. We were not good at lighting the flame that we have, we could not do that because of me.”

He continued: “The victory was important to us in order to obtain hope. We were able to achieve this despite the difficulties we faced. Starting tomorrow, we will think about the Italian Cup final, the goal is to restore energy.”

And about replacing the Portuguese star Ronaldo, Pirlo said: “Perhaps this was the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo was happy to replace him. He was happy and smiling in the dressing room, the important thing is to regain strength.”

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Pirlo concluded his remarks, saying: “We hope that the competing clubs will make mistakes tomorrow, so that we hope to qualify again. The important thing is that we have achieved victory today.”

Juventus raised its score to 75 points and snatched fourth place in the “Calcio” league table, which leads to the Champions League next season, from the Napoli team, which is a guest at Fiorentina, on Sunday, in the matches of this round as well, and is behind by direct confrontations with Milan. Who hosts Cagliari, on Sundays too.

On the other hand, Inter Milan is at the top with 88 points, winning the title in its favor from several rounds, for the first time in 11 years, putting an end to Juventus’ monopoly over the past nine seasons.

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