Pique mocks the objection of the Real Madrid coach to the referee!


The Catalan star and Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique, used to make fiery statements that provoke fans and fans of Real Madrid between technical and other, and it seems that he decided not to miss the opportunity after the controversy that took place between Zidane El Din Zidane, the coach of the royal team, and between the referee who directed the fiery confrontation that The “Blancos” grouped their guests, Sevilla, in the 34th round of the Spanish League.

The meeting, which ended with a two-goal tie, sparked a rare state of anger for Zidane towards the arbitration, as he went after the match to speak with the referee and objected not to a penalty kick for Real Madrid, while a similar case was considered for the visiting team.Zidane later told the Spanish network Movie Star Plus, “I don’t understand that at all. If it is a handball against Militau, it must be a handball against Seville as well.”

The French coach is proud of himself because he rarely discusses arbitration decisions, but he went to the field after the match to protest against the referee, and said: “He told me that Militao’s ball was a handball but he did not convince me.”

He added, “I never spoke about the decision but today I am angry. In the end this is what it is and what I say will not change anything. I am happy with the way my team played, we deserved more because we played so well in the second half.”On the other hand, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique mocked Zidane’s objection to arbitration and commented on one of the video clips that documented the conversation that took place between the white team coach and the referee by saying, “It seems that they understand each other”, referring to his previous statements in which he used to accuse the arbitration of bias. In favor of the Spanish capital giant despite the fact that Barcelona had imposed almost absolute control and won most of the Spanish League titles in the last decade.

This is not the first time that Pique has attacked Real Madrid, as he said last season that Real had won the league championship with the help of arbitration.


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