Pictures .. Journalist Zahi Wehbe and his wife leave the hospital to reassure the public of his condition


The Lebanese media came out Zahi Wehbe From the hospital, after his health condition clearly improved from complications from the Corona virus, which he contracted some time ago.

Informative published Fourth Zayat A picture of her husband through her official Twitter account, where she wrote: “God is generous, Zahi left the hospital today and gave us oxygen at home, hoping that he will soon restore the blessing of natural oxygenation, as he still needs some time to recover completely, God willing. With repeated thanks and gratitude for the excess of your love. Your support and blessed prayers. “
The Lebanese journalist Zahi Wehbe was admitted to intensive care a while ago due to suffering from complications from the Corona virus, his health worsened, and rumors spread about his death before his media wife, Rabiaa Al-Zayat, came out and denied the news at the time.

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