One day after his death, a battle between the family of musician Jamal Salama over his inheritance


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            <span class="created">09 May, 2021</span>
            <p dir="RTL"><span style="background-color: initial;">The death of Egyptian musician Gamal Salama sparked a fierce battle between his family.</span></p><p dir="RTL">The website of Al-Shorouk newspaper stated that the members of the Salama family, who passed away yesterday from our world due to his infection with the new Corona virus (Covid 19), exchanged accusations and edited records in the police because of their disagreement over inheritance.</p><p dir="RTL">Farouk Salama, brother of the deceased, and his daughter, Nourhan Farouk Salama, issued a report against Jamal's ex-wife, who also wrote a report, accusing them of squandering the musician’s possessions and hiding some of them.</p><p dir="RTL">Farouk said that what he did was with an official authorization from Gamal's daughter to prevent anyone from entering the musician's house, objecting to the accusations of his ex-wife seizing the apartment.</p><p dir="RTL">It is reported that the ex-husband of the late musician, Wafaa Bennani, is the mother of his two sons, Hani and Dina.
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