Olfat Omar: I am happy with my participation in “Wlad People” .. That is why I stayed away from art during the last period


Overlooking the artist Alif Omar To her fans during the Ramadan 2021 drama season, through her participation as a guest of honor in the series “Waleed Nas”, after her absence from appearing in the Ramadan season for 6 years since her appearance with the star Adel Imam in the series “Professor and Head of Department”, to reveal to us during this dialogue a secret Its absence from the artistic scene recently, and what are the works that it is preparing to present during the coming period.

Beginning .. What is the reason for your stay away from participating in artistic works during the last period?
There is more than one reason behind this alienation, in the first place my preoccupation with the care of my son Salim, in addition to other personal circumstances that required me to travel abroad, in addition to my search for a good personality that I will show to the public in the month of Ramadan.

Was this achieved through your participation in the “Wlad People” series?
Of course, despite my appearance as a guest of honor in the events of the series, I am happy to be present this year with the audience in Ramadan through a famous character who is different from me and I have not presented it before.

What attracted you to a “famous” character?
The character’s dramatic streak most attracted me to agreeing to her, for example Shahira is married and has no children, and at the same time she tries to help her friend and her children, and her heart is sympathetic to the children who have had an accident, and she has a love affair with Sabri Fawaz, all of this was the reason for my consent to present this character .

What does the collective championship represent to you?
I love group tournaments very much, because they express more about work because they include many different personalities, and the public loves group tournaments, especially if they are in a work of art that includes more than one different story.

How do you evaluate your recent experience in the series “Zay Al Qamar” and “Residence Girls”?
I am pleased with the reactions that came to the two works, especially since each character presented it is completely different from the other, and the story of the Zay Al Qamar series was very sweet and represented romance, especially when she was trying to marry her friend.

– What are your new developments during the coming period?
There is more than one scenario before me, and I have not decided my position by agreeing to any of them. I am also waiting for the screening of the film “Today is a Beautiful Day” written and directed by Nevin Shalaby, which is expected to be shown on the blessed Eid Al Fitr.

– What are the details of the character that you embody in the events of the film?
Initially, the film discusses the complex relationship between a man and a woman, especially infidelity and the problems that occur between them, and I embody a new, supreme character named Safaa, Najla Badr’s friend among the events that she meets by chance in the bank who works for her friend, a character who is envious of her friend and is envious of what she is in. And it has an ending that the audience will watch.

What series do you watch during Ramadan?
For Leah, the month of Ramadan, I devote myself to worship a lot and sit with my family, and try to follow a number of dramas, but after the end of the holy month I watch all the works online.

Do you have other rituals during Ramadan other than worship?
I am keen on exercising in the gym, as well as maintaining an eating regimen, and I am also training horse riding during this period, and this is something new for me.

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