North Korea withdraws from World Cup 2022 qualifiers – sports – international stadiums


On Monday, North Korea expressed its intention not to participate in the World Cup qualifiers to be held in Qatar in 2022, as the qualifiers will be held in South Korea in June.

According to the South Korean Football Association, its North Korean counterpart, known as the North Korean Football Association, sent an official document to the AFC on Friday, announcing its withdrawal from the second round of World Cup qualifiers to be hosted by South Korea next June.

The North Korean Football Association cited fears of infection with the new Corona virus among the reasons for its decision not to travel to South Korea.

The two Koreas belong to Group H in the second round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, along with Turkmenistan, Lebanon and Sri Lanka, and the second round began in September 2019 and was supposed to resume in March 2020 after it was postponed due to the new Corona virus pandemic. However, most of the second round matches were postponed again to June due to the epidemic, with South Korea hosting them instead of the traditional home-and-away method.

South Korea was scheduled to play against Turkmenistan on June 3, against North Korea on June 7, against Sri Lanka on June 11, and against Lebanon on June 15.

An official from the South Korean Football Association said the AFC is expected to ask North Korea to reconsider its decision not to travel to South Korea, because there is still some time before the matches in South Korea start.



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