New record for Corona injuries in India … and Modi “under pressure”


The number of injuries in the country is currently 21.49 million, while the total number of deaths has reached 234,083, and it has been recorded India This week alone, there are 1.57 million cases and more than 15,100 deaths.

In just one week, about half of the new cases of corona in the world were detected in India, along with a quarter of the deaths, according to data from the World Health Organization.

And India has been recording, for weeks, record daily injuries and deaths from disease, “Covid 19As the virus spreads from cities to villages around the world’s second most populous country.

As the number of cases continues to rise to record levels, he confronts the prime minister Narendra Modi Pressure is mounting for a nationwide lockdown, amid controversy over the viability of state restrictions.

Several medical experts, opposition leaders and some Supreme Court judges indicated that closure may be the only option as the virus outbreak rages in cities and towns, hospitals are forced to refuse to receive patients, relatives struggle to find oxygen, and crematoriums and cemeteries struggle to deal with the number of victims.

Last month, nearly 12 of India’s 28 federal states announced less stringent restrictions, compared to the two-month nationwide lockdown in March of last year.

Modi, who held consultations with senior elected leaders and officials in the worst-affected states, on Thursday, left responsibility for fighting the virus so far to state governments lacking equipment.

And government health expert Dr. Randeep Guleria said that imposing a complete and strict lockdown is necessary in India, just like last year, especially in regions where tests revealed that 10 percent of test subjects were infected with “Covid 19”.

Srinath Reddy, Chairman was acknowledged Public Health Foundation of India, A public-private consultancy firm, stated that different states were suffering from different severity of the epidemic, but he said that there was still a need for a “coordinated strategy at the state level.”


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