Netanyahu: I briefed Biden on the operations that Israel “has carried out and will carry out” … and thanked him for America’s support


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has contacted US President Joe Biden, and “informs him of the operations carried out by Israel and the operations that will be carried out,” according to Netanyahu’s Twitter account, Saturday.

Netanyahu’s Twitter account stated that during the call he briefed Biden “on the latest developments and operations carried out by Israel and the operations that it will implement,” and thanked him “for the firm American support for our right to defend ourselves.”

During the call, Netanyahu said, “Israel is doing everything in order to avoid prejudice to the uninvolved, and the evidence for this is that the uninvolved are evacuated from towers where terrorist targets are located and targeted by the IDF.”

It was not clear if the call took place before or after an Israeli air strike that destroyed the 12-storey Al-Galaa Tower in Gaza, which also housed the offices of the Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other media.

The White House spokeswoman, Jane Saki, said in a tweet Saturday, that US officials have informed their Israeli counterparts of the need to “ensure the safety and security of journalists and independent media is a primary responsibility.”

This comes at a time when the Israeli army has continued its continuous bombardment of the Gaza Strip since last Monday, while the Palestinian factions have continued to launch rockets targeting cities in central Israel, in addition to Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, a number of internal cities are witnessing clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli forces.

And the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced, in a statement Friday, that at least 139 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip following the Israeli bombing, including 39 children. The Ministry of Health added that the number of Palestinians injured in Gaza rose to no less than 1,000.


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