NBC cancels the Golden Globes and Tom Cruise returns his awards


NBC cancels the Golden Globes and Tom Cruise returns his awards

Tuesday – 29 Ramadan 1442 AH – May 11, 2021 AD

American actor Tom Cruise (Reuters)

Los Angeles: “Middle East Online”

NBC has canceled the 2022 Golden Globe Awards after complaints of moral lapses and a lack of diversity within the group that offers annual awards for film and television work.
According to “Reuters” news agency, Tom Cruise joined a movement led by digital broadcasting platforms and production studios, and returned the three “Golden Globes” he won for his roles in “Jerry Maguire”, “Magnolia” and “Born on the Fourth of July.” .
NBC’s decision came after the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globe’s distributor, agreed to include more black members and make other changes over the next 18 months. The TV network initially welcomed the plan, but later said it would wait to see if the reforms were effective.
Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have also faced charges of making racist and sexist comments, as well as soliciting benefits and services from celebrities and studios.
NBC said in a statement, “A change of this enormous size takes time and effort, and we have a strong feeling that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association needs time to be able to do it properly.” Accordingly, the (NBC) network will not broadcast the Golden Globes for 2022.
The statement added, “We hope that we will be able to broadcast the concert in January 2023, assuming the Association succeeds in implementing its plan.”
After the announcement of “NBC”, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said that bringing about “radical change” remains an urgent priority “regardless of when the next Golden Globe will be broadcast.”
The annual Golden Globe Gala, attended by stars and top entertainment industry executives, has become one of the biggest awards shows in Hollywood. But it is under intense scrutiny after an investigation published by the Los Angeles Times in February showed that the 87-member association lacked any black members.




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