Nawal Al Zoghbi’s Eid Sees the Light .. Two new songs in the trend


Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow-up with Tjard: The audience has become addicted to the honesty presented by the Lebanese star Nawal Al Zoghbi in her artwork, which comes as a mirror that reflects her bold, free and sensitive personality at the same time.

Today, Nawal launched her Eid, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, two new songs in the Egyptian dialect, after the suspense of the audience over recent weeks and the release of clips from them on her pages on social networking sites.

The first song was called “Baklam Khayali”, written and composed by Salah al-Kurdi and distributed by Remi Murad, while the second song, entitled “Asaad Lahzaa” was written by Malak Adel, composed by Mustafa Al-Assal and distributed by Elhamy Dehaima, and the two songs were produced by the “Rotana Audio and Video Company”.

The two songs became available through the “Deezer app” and the “Rotana” channel through “YouTube”, according to what Nawal announced.

It is noteworthy that Nawal, since the teaser campaigns that preceded the launch of its new products, entered the trend in the Arab world with a hashtag called “# Nawal_ Al Zoghbi” on Twitter.


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