NASA’s probe provides a rare glimpse into the cloudy days of Mars in Baladi


NASA’s Curiosity rover has spotted an event rarely seen on Mars: a cloudy day. The agency shared images of “bright” clouds (produced by ice crystals that reflect light) starting to appear over Curiosity starting in late January. They’ll be pedestrians here on Earth. But they are famous for a planet with a very thin atmosphere and this led to their own discovery.

The mission team determined that these clouds are higher than normal for Mars, floating well above the 37-mile-high peak of the planet’s water-ice clouds. This raises the possibility that dry ice clouds formed from frozen carbon dioxide may reveal more about the Martian sky.

Animation of clouds on the surface of Mars

NASA indicated that the withdrawal was easier

In vision using Curiosity’s black and white navigation cameras, the color mast camera produced the best luminosity. For more news from the technology department on the delegation’s website, click here

This may not be the most exciting event on Mars at the moment, however, and it is another reminder that the planet is not a static set of images. Mars is a dynamic world with ever-changing weather, even if it isn’t as dynamic as it was in the distant past.

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