NASA spacecraft discovers salt on Mars .. Know the details


NASA revealed that its Curiosity spacecraft is about to find evidence of salt in Martian soil, Where the space agency says it could be a sign of life being on The red planetPlanetary scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, were pulling images and data from the probe.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, scientists have found that organic or carbon-containing salts are likely to be found on the surface of Mars, which the agency says are chemical residues of organic compounds.

The organic compounds and salts could have been formed through geological processes or they could be remnants of ancient microbial life, indicating that Planet It was probably habitable.

But the equipment on NASA’s rover is not suitable for determining if it is truly organic, yet the team suspects this likely is the case.

“Besides adding more evidence to the idea of ​​organic matter on Mars, direct detection of organic salts will also support the habitability of Mars in the modern era,” said James M.T. Lewis, a researcher at NASA.

“If we determine that there are concentrated organic salts anywhere on Mars, we will want to investigate further in those areas, ideally deeper digging beneath the surface where the organic matter can be better preserved,” Lewis added.


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