Napoli snatches runners-up temporarily | MEO


Rome – Napoli took a big step towards snatching his card to the European Champions League football competition next season by snatching him for the second temporarily after his landslide victory over Udinese, 5-1 Tuesday, in the 36th stage of the Italian football championship.

Napoli raised its score to 73 points to rise to second place behind Inter, who was crowned champion last week and secured the first card to the prestigious continental competition, compared to 72 for Atalanta and Milan, their prominent rivals for the remaining three cards who played less games, and 69 for Juventus, the fifth, who also has a postponed match. But his mission became more difficult with the victory of Napoli.

Atalanta and Milan meet Benevito and Turin, while Juventus V will meet Sassuolo on Wednesday.

And Napoli will keep two matches within reach, away from strong and direct confrontations with competitors on continental cards. He will be a guest to Fiorentina thirteenth, before concluding the season by hosting Hellas Verona, the tenth, and his victory in both matches will give him the card of the prestigious continental competition, regardless of the results of his rivals.


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