Najm in a letter to the Doctors Syndicate: The Ministry of Justice is committed to not interfering in judicial decisions and the law to provide for an appeal mechanism


The Minister of Justice in the caretaker government, Marie Claude Najm, sent a letter to the Doctors Syndicate, in response to a letter she received from the Syndicate, following the issuance of the appeal ruling in the case of the child, Ella Tannous, from Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, which stated: 5/2021 sent to the Ministry of Justice following the issuance of the judicial ruling in the case of the girl Ella Tannous, the Ministry of Justice affirms its commitment to the provisions of the Lebanese constitution in terms of the principle of separation of powers and independence of the judicial authority that the courts assume. The judicial facility, from an administrative and organizational point of view. And I am certain, within this spirituality, that you are keen on this independence in which the resurrection of the state and the laying of sound and straight foundations for community building, but without them, the collapse. Appealing these decisions from within the judiciary, and therefore, everyone affected has the right to enter the course for this purpose in order to protect his rights. A meaningful and constructive dialogue, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health, regarding draft laws and proposals of laws that concern the doctor and the health sector.

She pointed out that “the Ministry of Justice, through the judges and its representatives in the competent parliamentary committees, has been submitting drafts related to care and follow-up, to ensure the safety of the health sector in which the stability and immunity of society is concerned.”

And she concluded: “I invite you, with the responsibility of the owner of the noble humanitarian message, to build on the merits and positives presented above, so let us strive together to activate cooperation aimed at the benefit of the homeland and the citizen.”


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