Nahdet Berkane striker: We are aware of the difficulty of facing Al-Ahly … and we are prepared for all scenarios


Ibrahim Al-Bahrawi, a team striker, confirmed Volcano renaissance, That his team knows how difficult a match is Ahly, Stressing that the volcanic team is ready for all scenarios with this confrontation.

Facing meets a team Volcano renaissance With Ahly Next Friday, in the final of the African Super Championship, which will be held at “Jassim Bin Hamad” stadium.

The Al-Nahda striker added, in statements through the Moroccan newspaper, Al-Tourba,: “There is great optimism among the group’s members and high morale surrounding the team’s atmosphere. The super match brings together two champions. We realize the strength of the Al-Ahly club and the difficulty of this confrontation, but we are ready for all scenarios, and this meeting remains final, not It is divided by two, as it is won and not played. ”

He continued: “I think that the strength that distinguishes our team, Nahdet Berkane, is the spirit of the group on which we bet a victorious and combative mentality, and this feature remains central and important and is occupied by all international clubs, thanks to this feature it is possible to achieve titles and accumulate achievements and coronations.”

He stressed: “Winning this important match and achieving the title allows us to come back strongly in the professional championship competition. We are determined to show our true metal in the dues that await us, and we can open a positive and whitish page during this date.”

And he continued: “We extend our thanks to the volcanic masses from which we received great motivational and encouraging messages this week and in the past, we promise that we will do everything we have to win this precious title, and we hope that we will meet the good expectations of the supporters and give the title to them.”


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