Mustafa Qamar: “The Black Oyounou song was a surprise in my artistic history.”


He said The artist Mustafa QamarThe song of the black people, Ayouneh, was a “surprise” in my artistic history; Where she achieved great success in her time.

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“Mustafa Qamar” explained during the media “Asma Ibrahim” in the “Eid is Best” program, broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, today, Friday, that during the era of the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, he held a party in the Gaza Strip, and it was to recover Gaza and Ramallah. Pointing out that from the large number of viewers, I did not see the end of the audience, saying: “A staggering number of people … and there were hundreds of cases of fainting due to the large number.”

“Qamar” added that he is happy with the success of the “Fares Without a Passport” series, which was shown in Ramadan 2021; He pointed out that the series is considered a light comedy amid a large amount of drama presented in other Ramadan series.

The artist and singer Mustafa Qamar announced the preparations for the second part of the series “Fares Without Passports”, which was shown in the Ramadan race for 2021, and the series achieved success and was widely spread, and he published a picture of him during the preparations and commented: “Every year and you are good, Faris After the passport, part two. ”


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