Mustafa Al-Agha embarrasses Daniela Rahma because of her relationship with Nassif Zaitoun


The Syrian journalist, Mustafa Al-Agha, embarrassed the Lebanese actress, Daniela Rahma, about the nature of her relationship with the Syrian artist, Nassif Zeytoun, and what is said about an affair that brings them together is set to culminate in the official engagement.

This came during the arrival of Daniela as a guest on an episode of his program “Echo of the Stadiums”, accompanied by the Syrian actress Nazli Al-Rawas. Daniela confirmed that she is currently living a love story and that her heart is beating hard, and that she hopes to marry, establish a family and give birth to 12 children to have a football team, as she puts it.

One of the remarkable things in this conversation, specifically about whether the artist Nassif Zeytoun is the lover of Daniela, who I meant without revealing his identity, was a question about the things that do not leave her. his voice”?

In response to a question about the 3 most important qualities or characteristics that a man should have in general, Daniela referred to charisma, intelligence and loyalty. Mustafa Al-Agha interrupted her, asking, “Does his voice have to be beautiful?” Daniela said, “Not necessarily.”

In response to a question about the 3 most important young singers, Daniela chose her father, artist Youssef Rahma, Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama, and artist Nassif Zeytoun, because he sang the sequences of the series “To Death”. To be interrupted by Mustafa, “But Karmal, so did you choose Nassif?”


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