Mujtahid reveals Saudi and UAE plans to save Tel Aviv!


The World – Saudi Arabia

He added that there is a real fear that they have that the crisis will lead to dismantling and then the collapse of the Zionist project.

He stated that in order to remedy the issue, Saudi Arabia and the UAE pledged unlimited financial support to Abbas to save the occupation, and Abbas fulfilled the required and arrested more than 500 people affiliated with Hamas in the West Bank.

Mujtahidd pointed out that when “Israel” was forced to withdraw a large portion of its forces from the West Bank to control the situation inside the Palestinian territories, “Abbas” pledged to protect their back in the West Bank.

According to Mujtahid’s tweets, Abbas controls 60,000 armed security personnel affiliated with the authority who protect the back of “Israel”, whose salaries are paid by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, America and the European Union.

He said that there is blame on the leadership of the resistance from its bases, why is Abbas flirtatious and silent about arresting hundreds of its members and about Abbas’s forces suppressing anyone who wants to move inside the West Bank.

In the close proximity, the lawyer and expert in international law, Dr. Mahmoud Rifaat, revealed an offer made by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed to the Prime Minister of “Israel” Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mahmoud Rifaat said in a tweet monitored by Watan, that Mohammed bin Zayed offered to provide the Israeli entity with mercenaries such as those fighting in Yemen and those funded by the UAE to invade the Gaza Strip by land.

While an account claiming that he (an officer in the Emirati security apparatus) revealed, via Twitter, the participation of Emirati planes in the bombing of Gaza City last Thursday night, along with the Israeli occupation aircraft.

According to the account (Without Shadow), four Emirati F-16 aircraft exited from Greece, specifically from the Souda base, and yesterday bombed Gaza City with the Israeli forces.


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